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Two of Us  

He stumbled back a few steps and furrowed his brow. He went pale upon seeing her. It felt is though all the blood in his body left him and migrated to his feet, causing them to feel like tingly cinder blocks. 

He could sense her presence as being a timelord, but how… Was this Rose? It couldn’t be. He watched her stumble— and— she was wearing his suit. The… no. Why was… was either Nine or, seemingly more likely Ten, about to stumble out after her where Rose’s clothes?

When she starting rattling off at him and blinked, a bit taken a back before holding up a hand as if to say, Hang on missy. “—I don’t care what’s going on, that’s not how you are going speak to me. A little respect and I will show you the same courtesy.” He scoffed, and tilted his head down in disbelief she was poking at him. Brows furrowed, he had to do everything in his mental power to hold back from smacking her hand, timelord or not. The Doctor folded his hands behind his back as he continued to observe her while she sonic’d him, mildly rolling his eyes— but his head snapped to her direction. What the hell did she just say? He snatched the sonic out of her hand and read it then handed it back to her before taking out his own and using it on her, to get his own answers. Shaking his head he tucked his away again.

"—Oi watch it, and you look like a little blonde chav wearing my Tenth hour’s pinstripes,” he glared at her and took a step forward in annoyance, “No no. We’re start again— I came over here to check out was was going on and to see if whomever was inside in alright— clearly you’re not if you think talking to me like that’s going to fly. I’m from your parallel future, and I promise you this is a lot weirder for me than you realize. I’m going to ask you if you need help with your TARDIS and if you need a place to stay until it’s fixed.” He chuckled almost darkly, out of sheer disbelief, “If you keep running your mouth like that I’m walking away— back over there to my TARDIS, and in that case have a fucking fantastic life trying to figure all this out.” He gestures at her TARDIS before dropping his hand again and licking his lip. “Now. Do you. need help. with your TARDIS?” 

For a moment, her jaw dropped at her counterpart’s blatantly rude tone and attitude.  Still, she was in quite the bind, being stuck in a parallel world and as far as she knew, her parallel self was the only hope that she had of ever returning to her own universe.  Righting herself, the Doctor straightened her collar before tucking her hands into her pockets.  

"Blimey, you’re rude…rude an’ still not ginger.  Alright, fine…"  She feigned a grandiose bow before speaking as much of an apology as she could muster for him.  "I apologize for my previous behavior, Mary Queen of Scots.  I would appreciate it if you could assist me in repairing my TARDIS so that we can both get on with our lives."  

Standing up straight, the Time Lady walked past him and gave her Old girl one last look before going over towards the other Doctor’s TARDIS.  She wondered who this version of herself was traveling with, considering she was currently alone after once again losing Clara in the incident with the sentient snowmen and the Great Intelligence.

Though she wouldn’t admit it, it would be nice to have some conversation for a while instead of talking to the open air or relying on her ship to mostly listen.

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lastwomanoftime is… impossible.

        ”A'right, mate —,”


         ”Don’t suppose you
          could tell me where
          I am, could you?”

"Martha…"  The Time Lady was sure she’d set her ship for a much later time on Earth but of course there was always the possibility that she got it wrong.  That was rather common.

"Martha Jones, you certainly are a sight for sore eyes.  As far as I know, you’re," she paused, taking a deep breath, "you’re on Earth, in Blackpool to be exact.  I got my coordinates wrong, par usual…so, tell the Ol’ Doctor, how ‘ave you been?"

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John Simm is really sexy, pass it on

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No SILENCE for the one tortured by noise for all his lives


No SILENCE for the one tortured by noise for all his lives

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Two of Us  


[text; Doctor] Doctor, I’ve got sometime for you.
[text; Batu] Oi, you cheeky bastard, what now? What did another planet manifest for you?
[text; Doctor] No, I’ll do you one better. How about a Timelord with Rose’s face.
[test; Batu] Don’t fuck with me.
[text; Doctor] Old Mill Road. You won’t miss it. Sending the coordinates now.

The Doctor furrowed his brow at the last text, then tossed the phone aside and set about landing the TARDIS at the coordinates Batu linked to the console. He was skeptical and mildly concerned, but if this concerned another Timelord… and one with the face of that brave little shop girl— his interest was piqued. 

He landed in a field— stepping out into an overcast day and a light breeze he glanced around the tall grass. Not far off evidence of a crash was obvious. He narrowed his eyes as he made his way in that direction, once close enough to really get a look at the situation he stopped in his tracks. 
                              What sort of game is this? His heartbeat started to elevate.
That looked alarmingly like his own TARDIS on it’s side and emitting smoke. He furrowed his brow and hesitantly reached for the door— pushing it open and peering into the bigger on the inside. “—Oi! Anybody home? You alright, mate?”

The crash itself had been rather hazardous and quite frankly, painful.  The Doctor had to fight off the slight sickness in her stomach from the way her ship had hit the turbulence and as she readjusted the gravity she made it so that she was able to get out without climbing too much.  What she hadn’t expected however was for someone to open the doors of her ship and be able to call in.

Only she could open those doors, nobody else without a key.  So who the hell was the TARDIS allowing in?

The blonde popped her head out of the ship with furrowed brows as she looked to the older man.  There was something strange though, her time sense was going insane and the fluttering in her hearts was something she hadn’t felt since…

Since she’d encountered another Time Lord.

Her coordination went out the window as she stumbled out of the TARDIS and landed on the ground before quickly standing up and dusting off her brown pinstripe suit.

"Thanks for th’ concern but I’ll be askin’ the questions here…like who are you an’ how can you open this box?  Nobody can open those doors unless they’re allowed and you, gramps, aren’t-" she poked his chest but paused.  Touch telepathy was always a bit of a shocker at first but to be able to feel such a current even through the fabric of his clothes…she pressed her hand fully against his chest on one side, then the other.

"Oh…bloody hell."  She pulled out her sonic and used it along his general vicinity and it only confirmed her suspicions but something was off…and the moment the power went out in her TARDIS, the moment she knew.

"You’re me," it wasn’t a question, more like an accusation really, "but…you’re not.  Oh, that’s jus’ brilliant!”  The sarcasm was heavy in her tone.  ”I’ve managed to land in another parallel world and t’ top off the icing on th’ bloody cake, I actually look my age in this universe!” 

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imagine a video game where you create a hero whose destiny is to save everyone, but throughout the game you start making harder and more questionable decisions, and the game gets darker and darker. and in the end you’re just standing there, clutching the controller and finally realizing you were playing the villain all along






Someone should make this!

…isn’t that just ‘The Life and Times of the Doctor’? :|

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